The goal of Frayed Passport is to turn you into a Master Traveler.  It will be launching in late July, 2012. We're convinced there is nothing more rewarding than international travel.  But some people are much better at it than others and end up having a much better time on each trip.  These savvy individuals avoid nasty pitfalls and know how to find meaningful fun and adventure where others miss out.  Like all things worth pursuing over a lifetime, travel is an art based on knowledge, practice and skill. Frayed Passport is focused on teaching these skills and learning about remarkable places to visit across the globe.

Also, we believe a huge amount of good comes when people travel.  Few things can match the personal growth that comes when you go overseas.  When you simultaneously see big differences and startling similarities in people from other countries, you become intrigued. Mostly, though, you want to learn more and connect more. You'll also become mildly addicted to travel as you realize that there are millions of interesting places all over the globe. You'll never see them all, so choose wisely and get started soon.

By going overseas, we also can help other people.  From volunteering in a developing country, to doing a photo safari in Africa, where we spend our time and money has a massive impact.

Frayed Passport is a membership site where people can join for free to track their travels and record where they want to go and where they've been.  We will be putting a big emphasis on encouraging people to head overseas if they've never done so before.  In fact, our Quest is to help 10,000 people get themselves a passport and scuff it up on their first international trip.  These trips will be life-changing and we want to help you get ready.